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Since 1930´s we have produced this FINE SOTOL. We are the third generation making this distilled in the mountains of Chihuahua State,  this SOTOL is unique and keeps the flavor of the humidity,  the ground and the pines.

The small town named Tejolocachic is the house of this SOTOL,  we offer the experience of the tour to show how we produce the spirit and the process of aged sotol in the french oak barrels.

You will find that this is a FINE SOTOL to enjoy alone or mixed.

MATORRALES and  DON PAULINO are the two brands we produce in our destillery


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Destileria Maldonado is located in the mountains of Chihuahua, at a small town named Tejolocachi. Our SOTOL is hand-crafted since 1930. We are the third generation making this high quality spirit using wild-harvest sotol plant. DON PAULINO and MATORRALES are the brands we have offer.

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