Conde do Sul Craft Cachaca

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Conde do Sul Craft Cachaça has an unique terroir from the South of Brazil. An exceptional spirit, hand crafted from field to bottle, at a family-owned farm and alembic in a small village of European descendants.

Conde do Sul Craft Cachaças:

  • Silver/clear/un-aged spirit rested in stainless steel for at least 6 months.

  • Amburana/darker/more complex version/aged in amburana wood barrels between 6 and 12 months.

  • Special Blend: An extraordinary blend that combines Craft Cachaças that has been aged between 6 and 36 months in amburana, balsam and oak wood barrels, from a unique family recipe.

For those who have not yet discovered the spirit, cachaça can be described as slightly sweet, with subtle earthy flavors that may contain hints of floral accents, herbs, fruits, or sometimes delicate traces of vanilla and oak.

Embracing the spirit's versatility, many experts are creating and reinventing cocktails that incorporate cachaça, switching from other popular spirits. The renewed appreciation of this vital 500-year-old spirit and its eccentricities, has broadened cachaça’s presence on menus all over the world. Wherever fine cocktails are desired and called for - we say: Cheers to Cachaça!


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Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 24/11/2020
Product Name: Conde do Sul Craft Cachaca
Product Type: Spirit
Country of origin: Brazil
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$:
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 40.00
Format: 750ml

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Conde do Sul

Cooper Still The alembic, commonly known as a still in the USA, is where the magic is made of our ever-so Brazilian spirit. Our aged Cachaça is a full-bodied spirit, rich in flavor and aroma derived from specially chosen wooden barrels to age this beautiful drink. Our handpicked wood barrels help drop the acidity leaving gently sweeter wood flavors with a soft final feeling in the mouth, along with hints of minerals and herbs. Small Production Made from freshly squeezed sugarcane, well-made artisanal Cachaça can be a long, challenging, and costly process. Each seasons harvest will have an impact on the final product. Factors such as soil, weather, and wood barrels are remarkably important, leaving unique expressions in the final product. Aging Process Beauty of Cachaça - It is one of the few spirits that are not necessarily aged in oak barrels, but instead it can be aged in native wooden barrels. The variety of native wood in Brazil available to craft barrels from, results in a combination that impacts and elevates the spirit's fragrance, flavor, and color. Blending from native woods paves the way to a special terroir. Like a true samba, it only comes from Brazil. Producers must master their unique Cachaça from this artisanal mix, and the final spirit we offer is an exquisite drink. That’s why we call it The Count!

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