4-Pack, 12 oz Beefy Brown Ale

ProductNon-Alcoholic Beverage

From United States

Alc. Vol %:n/d

Format:355 ml / 12 OZ CAN

Price per unit US$2.79

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date24/01/2024


Fetch our 4-pack Beefy Brown Ale Tailwagger for a drool-worthy treat your pooch will adore! Brewed with love in Colorado, this non-alcoholic dog beer packs a meaty punch and is loaded with essential nutrients. It's a tail-wagging delight that's sure to turn any moment into a barkin' good time. With Tailwagger, your furry friend's yappy hour is just a sip away!.

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Bark hello to Tailwagger, where our paw-ty never ends because we believe in celebrating life with every member of the family, especially the furry ones! Born and brewed in the stunning landscapes of Colorado, Tailwagger is the result of our boundless love for dogs and a commitment to exceptional quality. Our pack at Tailwagger crafted a range of non-alcoholic dog beers that are tail-waggingly delicious and nutritious. From our Beefy Brown Ale to Chicken Porter, and Veggie Blonde, each flavor is a nose-to-tail delight, packed with essential nutrients that will have your pup doing zoomies! But, at Tailwagger, we\'re more than just brewers. We\'re dog parents who understand that every moment with our pooches is a celebration. So why not make it an even bigger one with Tailwagger beers? With Tailwagger, it\'s always yappy hour!

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