Orange Soda

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Routine to extraordinary – Oranges. Simple orange becomes extraordinary here at GENKI RAMUNE. The subtly tangy, flavorful carbonated Orange GENKI RAMUNE Japanese Soda will make oranges ‘mundane to most desirable’. The routine is good, but sometimes you ought to have fun too!

Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 24/12/2019
Product Name: Orange Soda
Product Type: Non-Alcoholic Beverage
Country of origin: Japan
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$:
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 200.00
Format: 100 ml

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US States this brand is looking to be distributed in:

Nizona Corporation, Japan

GENKI RAMUNE came into being when Nizona Corporation, Japan decided to develop a fizzy beverage brand for the Japanese Ramune (Lemonade) drink in several popular and interesting flavors. Nizona’s core mantra being healthcare and wellness, Ramune was also given a health twist !! Thus Health Ramune version was conceptualized with Golden Turmeric, Tangy Vitamin C and Matcha Green Tea flavors. These are great tasting and immunity building beverages. Refresh, recharge, reboot with healthy, fizzy and fun Genki Ramune!! Get healthier even when guzzling a bottle of soda pop!! Marketing Verticlas Genki Ramune Soda not just bring back the kid in you but let you be the grown up that you are! 1. Restaurants, Lounges, Pubs and Parties - Guilt-free indulgence Hit the lounge, enjoy the party absolutely guilt-free with Genki Ramune. A healthy alternative to the regular colas where you gain lesser calories and intake less amount of carbs. The subtle, fruity flavoured Japanese Ramune soda makes the cocktail interestingly bubbly, fizzy and sizzling!! The virtues of turmeric as is known will make you less hung-over when you have your favourite cocktail with the fizzy Golden Turmeric Ramune. Or for that matter just holding a bottle of Ramune at the party is no less than making a statement!! 2. Kids – Pop it for health No Mommas will have to worry for their kids who drink Genki Ramune Soda. Compared to other fizzy colas, Japanese Genki Ramune has lesser calories and carbs and yet tastes better than the colas. To add to the fun we have introduced ‘Healthy Ramune’ . Kids – these healthy Ramune options taste better than the best of your favourite fun flavor…….guaranteed!! 3. Health and Fitness – Refresh, reboot, recharge Unbelievable but true – Get healthier even when guzzling a bottle of soda pop!! Made in Japan, Genki Ramune introduces 3 health booster flavours – Matcha(power-packed antioxidant) Ramune, Multi Vitamin Drink (instant energy booster) and Golden Turmeric Ramune (takes care of your liver even while you are enjoying your alcoholic drink)!!

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