Brokers Gin


From United Kingdom

Alc. Vol %:40.00


Price per unit US$18.10

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Post Date04/10/2018


Broker’s Gin has won more top awards in international competitions over the last ten years than any other gin. Broker’s truly is...


Broker’s Gin is a Kosher spirit.

Vol. 40% and 47% ABV.
Taste: clear, rich, creamy with fruit and citrus aromas

The botanicals used in Broker's Gin and their sources are:
Dried botanicals are sourced from all over the world and shipped to the distillery in sacks.

  • Juniper berries- Macedonia
  • Coriander seed - Bulgaria
  • Orris root- Italy
  • Nutmeg- India
  • Cassia bark - Indonesia
  • Cinnamon - Seychelles
  • Liquorice - Italy
  • Orange peel - Spain
  • Lemon peel - Spain
  • Angelica root - Poland

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Liberty Lighthouse Group focuses 100% of its energy in developing “cutting edge’ Spirit brands, with the best independent Global importers / distributors. Spirits brands are exclusively represent to international importers, distributors, retailers and consumers. In return, Liberty Lighthouse Group regional distributors are brand builders with a progressive outlook in developing sales and marketing plans. Focused in addressing year on year sales growth and resolving local issues in utter professionalism. Mission Statement Liberty Lighthouse Group Agency focus is: The Right Brands with the Right Distributors in the Right Markets

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