Carasman - Jack Herer


From Croatia

Alc. Vol %:43.00


Price per unit US$45.00

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date24/05/2024


Imbued with the spirit of Jack Herer, a champion for hemp legalization, Jack Herer Gin embodies a spirit of innovation. This meticulously crafted spirit presents a crystal-clear base, offering a tantalizing introduction with subtle hints of warming spices on the nose.

The first sip reveals a complex symphony of botanicals. Notes of juniper, the quintessential gin botanical, intertwine with refreshing fir and invigorating eucalyptus. These classic elements are enriched by the distinctive citrus and fruity notes characteristic of the 10k Jack terpenes, carefully selected to mirror the renowned Jack Herer American hemp strain.

This unique infusion, identical in composition to the original strain's terpenes, delivers a subtle yet uplifting effect, perfect for those seeking a touch of energetic euphoria.  Jack Herer Gin is the ideal companion for those who value authenticity and a spirit of self-expression, offering a refreshing reprieve during moments that demand focus and unwavering resolve.


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Our mission with this endeavor is to stand for something good, tried & true, to establish ourselves as a quality, field-to-you, no-nonsense boutique hemp brand. Our vision is to not stomp on the natural order of things or take sustainability hostage for the sake of volume. The broader mission involves taking care of all who are looking for clean, natural solutions and have been given the run-around by dubious products that got more resources spent on PR than production. Our offer, in addition to Cbd oil for humans and animals, is a new product, which is an alcoholic drink into which we infuse the terpenes of cannabis. We have three international style gins, one sloe gin and one special liqueur because it is produced exclusively in Croatia.

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