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How To Pitch Your Brand In National Restaurant Chains

The key to making on-premise retail calls is preparation and planning. A good salesperson knows time is limited with chain buyers.

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Successfully pitching your brand to Restaurant Chains is a great way to increase sales and promote your brand. The key to making on-premise retail calls is preparation and planning; it is important that your goals and objectives are clear in your mind prior to making the call. Be prepared to overcome objections and convince the customer your products are best suited for their needs. A good salesperson knows time is limited with chain buyers. 

BTN takes an in depth look at how to pitch to on-premise chains with 10 great tips to help you master the sales call:

1.) Orientation —The rep needs to make an appointment with the buyer. Two weeks in advance is the norm but it could take a lot longer to get an appointment on the first call. To do that effectively, you need to “know the buyer.” You should know not only the buyer’s contact information (HQ location/address, direct phone line, email, fax #, Facebook account, Twitter account, website, and administrative assistant’s name), but you should also know their favorite sport, their favorite types of food, their wife and children’s names, their birth date, their hobbies and what they enjoy to do on weekends. These are relationship skills you need to master.

2.) Timing is Important—most Chain menus are reset at or just after the beginning of the Calendar Year. Keep this in mind when booking your Chain Buyer appointment and get in there first! 

Here is a checklist for Craft Brewers, Distilleries and Small Wineries making a on-premise chain call—no matter the size of the Chain:

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