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<p>1 fee covers both digital and print editions</p> <p>Reaching a market of more than 10.000 qualified importers</p> <p>Top wine producers from premium terroirs</p>

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BTN Guide?

The 2015 USA BTN GUIDE is an exclusive catalog of exciting new wine, craft beer, and spirit brands looking to expand their distribution network. It is designed with the needs of importers, wholesalers and distributors in mind and showcases each brand with specific sourcing details to guarantee a hassle-free experience.


How much does it cost? ($USD)

$600 per entry per brand


How do you define a brand?

Here is an example:

A winery called 'Gladstone Vineyard' has 3 brands. 

1) Gladstone Vineyard Range

2) 12,000 Miles

3) Jealous Sisters


Each of their brands have multiple products. For example 'Gladstone Vineyard Range' has Gladstone Vineyard Pino Noir, Gladstone Vineyard Range Sauvignon Blanc, Gladstone Vineyard Range Merlot and so on. Thus your entry fee of $600 is for one brand which is for 'Gladstone Vineyard Range' and we will include up to 3 products for that brand on the same page.


If you wish to enter another brand of your winery, in this case 'Jealous Sisters', then you will need to create another entry ($600).


What is included (FAQ is for USA Guide)?

  • Brand page in BTN Guide which is a hardcopy book that goes out to more than 4000 Wine, Beer, Spirits Importers and Distributors in USA.

  • All year round social media buzz on your brand from BTN's twitter and other social media websites.

  • Newsletter feature which goes to more than 25,000 trade professionals

  • BTN Guide will also be published on the BTN website and mobile version of the website (coming soon) giving your brand great awarness globally.


How to enter?

Please enter your brand here. Once you enter the brand BTN it will take you to the payment page where you can enter your credit cartd.


Content Overview

  • Brands that are looking for importers in USA or to expand in other states in USA will be showcased.

  • 10 most acclaimed articles of 2014 from BTN Academy

  • Brand Name

  • Brand description

  • Brand pitch

  • Awards

  • Current Distribution

  • Social Media Stats

  • Contact person name

  • Contact phone/mobile

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Web

  • Support offered (i.e. POS material, posters, customer service, etc…)

  • Product Origin

  • FOB Price

  • Suggested retail price

  • Pickup location in USA

  • No. of cases per pallet

  • No of bottles per case

  • Bottle size (in/cm)

  • Alcohol Volume 


When will BTN Guide (USA) be published?

BTN Guide (USA Version) will be published in the last week of January. A hard copy will be posted to more than 4000 distributors and importers. The online version will be available on February 1. Buyers will be able to the browse BTN Guide and request samples for the brands they are interested in. 

Please email us at or call us at +1 901 BTN LIVE if you have more questions.

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