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How Restaurants Select Wines in China? - Shabad Ahuja

The Wine Whiskey Weed Show



The Wine Whiskey Weed Show hosted by Sid Patel, CEO, Beverage Trade Network is back with its 7th episode with guest Shabad Ahuja who is a Restaurant Manager and Wine Director of The Tandoor that is the oldest Indian restaurant in Shanghai. If you're the owner of a winery or a private label wine, this insightful conversation between Shabd and Sid will educate you on what grounds restaurants select wines in China and how you can increase your odds of shelving your wine in cellars of these restaurants. Shabd also speaks how wine consumers in Shanghai place an order for wine, the staff's roles in serving them to push wine sales, and how their suppliers can make a big difference to push wine sales. Tune in every Friday on the Wine Whiskey Weed Show podcast to catch a new episode with guest experts like Shabd Ahuja who has been in the wine industry for over a decade now.

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