Craft Your Branding & Communication Strategies - David Forer MW


Crafting a Beverage brand is an effective strategy to reach out to your customers. But, it is certainly not a child’s play. Brand communication plays a crucial role in building a sturdy and robust brand. If Implemented effectively it gives you customer's honesty and loyalty towards your brand. However, there are certain strategies and tactics that can be used in creating a persistent brand name. The 18th Episode of the Wine Whiskey Weed Show, welcomes David Forer - Master Of Wine. He is avid about helping producers and regions develop powerful brand messages and communicating the brand message to consumers.He is also an owner of a 10ha vineyard in the Priorat. In this episode of the Wine Whiskey Weed Show David talks about How Branding and Communication can earn your customer loyalty and honesty to make your brand more sustainable for the future.