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Getting Into National Restaurant Chains - Tim Hanni



The Wine Whiskey Weed Show is Beverage Trade Network’s Podcast Show where we call business practitioners to share their actionionable insights, tips and hacks to grow your weed, wine and spirits business. In this epoide Sid Patel, CEO of BTN sits with Tim Hanni, one of the first Master Of Wine in America where they chat on Getting wines placed in national hotel chains like Marriot and Ritz, How you cna grow your market share? and Why 'bringing value' and 'relationships' trumps everything when it comes to getting new accounts for your wine and spirits business

00:59 Introducing Tim Hanni and The Topic

04:29 Where to begin from?

05:50 Role of Tim Hanni at Beringer Wine Estate

07:24 New Brand Introduction into an Existing Market

11:10 Core Fundamental Principle of Buying and Selling of Different Buyers

12:49 Wine is the most horrible and hated sections in grocery stores

14:23 The factors that guides success in a store

16:10 Tim Hanni’s shares about his worst presentation and lessons he learnt

19:10 Tim and Sid talk about how to catch the big fish like Marriott or Hilton

24:27 Kiss of Death of Disruption of Supply

26:41 Marketing stand point of the Hiltons and Marriotts and Meeting with Ritz Carlton

31:15 Representing Mc Dowell and getting a “50 cases a week” account

34:05 Solving Big Problems of The Big Boys with real time Profitable Solutions

39:35 “One of the most Brilliant cases I have ever come across” – Tim Hanni

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