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10 Important Factors That Will Get Your Brand Picked Up By National Chains and Large Retailers



Jonathan Newman, CEO and Chairman of Newman Wine talked about 10 Important Factors that will get your brand picked up by National Chains and Large Retailers, at the 2017 USA Trade Tasting Conference.

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Wine Packaging Trends in the Restaurant Business

In this Episode of "Insights from Judges", Vincenzo talks about Some trends that he analyzes going forward into wine packaging in the restaurant business.
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Key Provisions for Beverage Brands to Include in Distribution Agreements

In her presentation 'Key Provisions for Beverage Brands to Include in Distribution Agreements,' Donna Hartman outlines the most important aspects to consider when negotiating with US distributors. From brand extensions to regional competition, Donna works out a clear blue-print that shows brand owners what they can do to make sure they are properly approaching their next market.
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