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Fieldwork Brewing / Noble Ale Works Power Glove Release May 20, 2017

19/05/2017 Fieldwork Brewing / Noble Ale Works have just released Power Glove Double IPA in the Berkeley Taproom.

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Fieldwork Brewing / Noble Ale have just released Power Glove Double IPA in the Berkeley Taproom. Power Glove is a collaboration with our friends at Noble Ale Works from Anaheim. They are making some of the best beers in the world and they are stoked to share the results of theirr “brewmance”.

Special Release cans of Power Glove will be available in Berkeley, Napa and Sacramento on Saturday the 20th when we open at 11 am. Limits are 12 cans per person. Limits may be increased or decreased depending on turnout. Limit of one growler fill per person per day. No Crowler fills of Power Glove will be available day of the release.

“Teaming up with our brothers at Noble Ale Works in Anaheim we designed a super beer fit for the most savage of drinkers. Power Glove Double IPA is bastion of our two brewing styles and recipe formulation. A traditional Fieldwork Double IPA gets flipped on its head with a bit more malt character and sweetness than many have come to expect, along with the addition of a new hop to us, Denali. A big hazy chewy body sticks to the palate like glue bringing with it such an intense profile of candied pineapple that only the raddest will be able to race away. Mosaic and El Dorado hops team up like Billy and Jimmy Lee in Double Dragon to sidekick your taste buds into oblivion with intense notes of pineapple juice. Mega mango flavors swarm like a ninja guidin’ this beer towards more pineapple and notes of sticky green contraband courtesy of Denali hops. Power Glove Double IPA might have a poorly written description littered with too many 8-bit references; but the sticky dank pineapple elixir itself is the adventure of drink.”

As you may know, they are unable to accept reservations for large groups on the weekends. However, they are pleased to now offer The Founders Room, their private tasting room, for your special event.

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