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Chase Distillery launches Espresso Vodka

18/03/2017 More from the marvellous minds that brought us Marmalade Vodka and GB Gin, as Chase has launched a new Espresso Vodka.

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Something we all need a bit more of in our lives, the limited-edition Espresso Vodka is made with all-natural ingredients and premium ground coffee and comes in at 40% abv.

Coffee-wise, the spirit uses ‘intensely rich’ Ethiopian coffee beans, roasted locally to Chase. The coffee flavour is slowly distilled through Chase’s own copper pot still Ginny, before being cold brewed, chill filtered and blended with distillate – finished off with dark muscovado sugar.

With rich milk chocolate on the nose, hints of vanilla honey and dark roast coffee, the palate gives way to a full-on espresso hit. Other flavours include ‘sweet notes of apricot, honey and dark muscovado sugar, that give way to an intense bitterness of dark chocolate and a creamy vanilla finish.’

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