11 wineries - 10 regions - 25 varieties

The Vinoteca brand represents eleven wineries from ten different regions of Italy that have high vocation in viticulture. We currently produce 25 different varieties of fine wines. Each vineyard is managed with passion and respect for its tradition, in accordance to it's territory of origin.

Italy has more than 600 different varieties of grapes. Each region is active in producing very particular wines with different tastes and aromas. Let us help you discover these regions while we introduce you to our line of Premium Bag in Box wines.

Our Premium Bag in Box wines are produced with the same quality and deliver the same level of satisfaction of bottled wines.

Currently available in the USA are Chardonnay, Merlot, Pecorino and Sardinia Red blend.


White Wine IGT (Protected Geographic Indication)

Friuli Venezia Giulia
100% Chardonnay

Straw yellow color with gold shade. Intense smell of tropical fruit and white flowers. Dry taste, full body, perfectly balanced freshness and minerality. Good wine to pair with seafood or white meat. Excellent happy hour option.

12.5º vol
Serving temp: 8º - 11º C
Net cont 3 liter = 4 bottles 750 ml


Red Wine IGT (Protected Geographic Indication)

Friuli Venezia Giulia
100% Merlot

Intense ruby red wine with a deep smell of cherries, dry taste and good freshness. This velvet red wine has an incredible softness in mouth, with a good structure to pair second dishes, prosciutto San Daniele and selection of aged cheeses.

12.5º vol
Serving temp: 15º C
Net cont 3 liter = 4 bottles 750 ml


White Wine IGT (Protected Geographic Location)

100% Pecorino

Brillant straw yellow, intense smell of fruits with a bit of honey. Dry and medium body wine very fresh and mineral taste. Perfect to pair with fish, broiled vegetables and white meat. Try also with a fresh cheese like "Mozzarella" or "Ricotta". A perfect wine for happy hours too.

13º vol
Serving temp: 10º - 12º C
Net cont 3 liter = 4 bottles 750 ml

Sardinia Red

Red Wine IGT (Protected Geographic Indication)

30% sangiovese
70% Cannonau and Syrah

Fully red color with orange tints when aged. Complex smell of berries and dry fruits prunes. A wine full of body and very persistent. A powerfull red to pair red meat, shank, pork cheek, juicy second dishes.

14º vol
Serving temp: 16º - 18º C
Net cont 3 liter = 4 bottles 750 ml