Real World Wines

A rapidly growing brand is now looking for importers and distributors in other US states.

1) The taste characteristic is the focus for the selection of wines, and always with the consumer in mind.
2) Regional retail chain KAM support (pitch, brand values and marketing)
3) National/Regional Marketing & Social Media Agency
4) Sales Support activation and In-Store tasting program
5) Priced for retail between $8,99 - $9,99
6) Classical grapes, traditional origins under a very modern and different label.

Real World Wines is now looking to expand into other US States. Please fill in the sample request form now to get your samples and discuss distribution opportunities in your state.


Since the early 18th century, people have laughed and enjoyed comics in different con­texts. People like us. We have followed famous characters playfully bantering back and forth with their jokes and care-free attitudes. We just can’t get enough of it. We all have our favorites – characters who have been with us since the day we could first read, or even before that.

So what would you say about following the life of a rebellious couple? How about do­ing this while enjoying a glass of wine? Would you be surprised that you could do so on the label of your favorite wine? Well, let us present Comic Strip™. Comic Strip™ will always speak its mind, share an open-hearted relationship, and allow you to enjoy the good things in life.

Comic Strip™ challenges the traditional conservative wine industry by being irreverent, down-to-earth, unpretentious, and rebellious in every respect. Comic Strip™ wine is a tribute to all of the couples around us!



We all know these three characters. They’re our friends. These three charming monkeys are like most people. They’re impossible to dislike. Always joking around and having fun, it’s easy to identify with the monkeys because they’re just like you and me. We have fun with them at summer barbecues. We spend time with them in the fall during Halloween. We celebrate with them in the winter after a brisk, cold day out in the snow. And we enjoy them in the spring when the sun’s rays warm our faces. This wine is a tribute to all the world’s good friends. THR3 MONKEYS – thanks for being there!

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Barrels and Drums


It’s an ageless tale of adventure and courage – one that never grows old or out of fashion. The essence of the Barrels and Drums selection of alcohol free wines transcends time and crosses borders. Its inventive past celebrates the appearance of and language spoken by 18th and 19th century trading companies. The sailors and explorers who followed ancient trading routes across perilous oceans and over rugged terrain are the heroes responsible for bringing the “olde world” closer together. Barrels and Drums romanticizes their adventures, and by doing so, encourages today’s consumers to stretch their own imaginations. Be brave. Be bold. Serve up a bottle of alcohol free Barrels and Drums with your own culinary creations. Make your own history. We have – and it’s great fun.