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Prime Vodka

Today PRIME is the best distillery in Europe and the largest and most powerful distillery in Ukraine.The word «PRIME» means «best", „first“, „premium“. The name perfectly reflects the essence of the enterprise — its adaptability, power, innovation.



DISTILLERY PRIMEPRIME distillery was built from scratch. The first foundation stone of the new factory was laid on September 13, 2003. Dozens of professionals developed this new unique project on the basis of new trends in the production of alcoholic beverages, industrial architecture and design. The investment of 60 million dollars made PRIME the most expensive Ukrainian distillery. The giant factory (total floor area —13 hectares, facilities area — 20 thousand m²) was constructed in three years. The distillery was officially opened on October 28, 2006. Since then, anyone can take a tour here and see why PRIME means the best. Geography.



PRIME distillery is located in Ukraine, in Kharkov region, Chuguev district, (40 km from Kharkov, 20 km from Chuguev, at the latitude of 49 degrees 46 minutes 24,61 seconds nord, longitude 36 degrees 42 minutes 43,46 seconds east) in the environmentally clean area. The high quality water resource was the main factor in choosing this place for construction. All vodkas in the factory are manufactured on the basis of water from the underground lake, which was formed during the Jurassic period, located at the depth of 750 m.



Water preparation. Even the purest artesian water, taken from the natural environment, should pass a special treatment: sand and coal columns, cartridge and membrane filters, ultraviolet purification. With the help of reverse osmosis, the salt composition of water is adjusted. The result of this work is a peculiar taste of all vodka products.



The choice of alcohol Only the best grain alcohol is used in the production. PRIME distillery has a largest spirit depository in Ukraine, which holds 2 million liters of alcohol. It allows to buy good spirits in large quantities and store them.



Flavoured spirits and tinctures are prepared directly in the plant. To do this, only natural ingredients are purchased, such as allspice, nutmeg, rye rusks, ginger, grains, thyme, honey, etc. High quality and natural ingredients are the principles of PRIME. That’s why its products hold the leading positions in the Ukrainian vodka market.



PRIME distillery has 7 bottling lines, with a total rated capacity of 24 millions of bottles per month. The capacity of each line is 12 thousand bottles per hour. All the bottles are rinsed with vodka before bottling. It helps to maintain the necessary strength of the drink, as well as cleans the bottle inside. At the next production stage the finished product is poured into bottles and corked with a capsule.




Quality marks


The high quality of PRIME products is confirmed by the estimates of independent international experts. Among them is a certification by the standard ISO 9001:2000 for the “high level of company management”, as well as environmental certification by ISO 14021:2000 and the honorable „Green Crane“ Ukrainian mark for the environmental purity of products.

Vodka Museum


On April 4, 2008, the first and only museum of vodka in Ukraine was opened at the PRIME distillery. The museum exposition consists of more than 100 unusual items, tracked down by the staff in Ukraine and CIS countries. Visitors have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the drink and to see the process of making vodka in our days at the most modern distillery.


Key Facts


* Location — Ukraine, Kharkov region, Chuguev district (40 km from Kharkov, 20 km from Chuguev);
* The factory was built from scratch and was set in operation in 3 years;
* Total land area — 13 hectares;
* Total building area — 20 thousand m2;
* 2 artesian wells depth — 750 m;
* 6 production lines with the rated capacity of 24 million bottles per month (12 thousand bottles per hour each);
* Spirit depository volume — 2 000 000 liters of alcohol;
* Total investments — 60 million USD;
* The first vodka museum in Ukraine was opened at the PRIME distillery;
* PRIME distillery is certified by two international quality standards ISO 14021:2000 (environmental purity of production) and ISO 9001:2000 (quality management).



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Albert Melikbegyan
Factory director since the foundation stone laying


Vyacheslav Samoylov
Manager of mounting and putting into operation of all communications of the factory


Natalya Urganova
Author of all the recipes of vodka, produced at the distillery, the chief technologist of the distillery


Yevgeniy Mytsykov
Manager of the factory business-plan development and implementation







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