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Nuvino is a radical departure in winemaking. The first premium single-serve pouch wine, Nuvino goes anywhere, anytime. The lightweight, unbreakable pouch requires no corkscrew to open and is ideal for use anywhere bulky, heavy glass containers are undesirable.

Bring Nuvino outdoors, to the beach or to a concert under the stars. One glass at a time.


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  • National Marketing Program: Nuvino is launching via a comprehensive branding, marketing, PR and social media campaign.
  • Strong Retail Track Record: Backed By A Company That Has Inlets With 100,000 Convenience Stores & Top National Retailers In All 50 States & Canada.
  • Chain Calls and Market Work: Dedicated Sales Manager In Your area helping you grow the brand
  • POS and Rack Support
  • Sample Support


Target Demographics and Key Trends

  • BYOW - For adventure-loving legal aged wine drinkers, who “want to take their wine with them”
  • Millennials (21-36) and Gen-X (37-46)
  • Estimating 60%-70% female
  • 52% of women drink wine as their preferred alcoholic beverage – up 9% over past decade
  • 300% growth in wine sales over the past two decades
  • Singe-serve 187ml has grown 33%
  • Alcohol-based pouches are the hot trend, growing 1,567% in the past 2 years


Product Benefits

  • Single-Serve Ready-to-Drink (RTD) – 1 glass portion (187ml)
  • Convenience – Light, portable, unbreakable, resealable
  • Unique – First premium wine in single-serve RTD pouch
  • Concealable – Pocket-size for “ease of smuggling” anywhere; won’t spill or open.
  • Easy open – No corkscrew! Drink from spout or pour
  • Great wine – from 4 celebrated wine regions
  • PreservPak – Eco-friendly pouch preserves wine
  • Branding – Fully-integrated consumer branding and marketing plan
  • Affordable – Competitively priced @ $3.99 MSRP


Product Assortment

Chardonnay (South Africa)
Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)
Malbec (Argentina)
Red Blend (Australia)


Sell Sheet & Media Kit

nuvino sell sheet  media kit for nuvino wines

Sauvignon Blanc

Central Valley - Chile
2013 / 187ml / 13.0% ABV

The old-bush, dry-farmed vineyards of Chile’s Maule (MOW-lay) Valley produce some of the country’s most exciting and well-balanced white wines.

Our Sauvignon Blanc gushes with the region’s strong Pacific Ocean influence. Fresh aromas of white flowers and crisp citrus notes combine with green apples and white peaches. Pairs perfectly with your favorite salad, citrus-grilled salmon or a light risotto.



Cape Winelands - South Africa
2013/ 187ml / 13.5% ABV

The cool ocean breeze in Stellenbosch and the robust heat during the ripening period in Robertson are the ideal climate mix for our Chardonnay blend – a divine marriage from two of South Africa’s most sought-after Cape Wine regions.

This zesty, unoaked Chardonnay is truly the best of both worlds and features a nice balance of vanilla, pineapple and ripe peach flavors. The perfect poolside companion or as compliment to almost any salad or light dish.



Maipú, Mendoza - Argentina
2013 / 187ml / 14.5% ABV

Nestled in the eastern foothills of the majestic Andes mountains, Mendoza’s Maipú wine region features some of the highest vineyards in the world (750 meters above sea level).

Our Malbec thrives in these unparalleled conditions, which yield a deep violet wine that explodes with plum, black currant and vanilla notes. You can’t go wrong pairing this bold, fruity wine with your favorite steak, barbecue ribs or spicy-sweet dishes.


Red Blend

Swan Hill - Australia
2013 / 187ml / 13.9% ABV

Australia’s Swan Hill wine region is nestled along the banks of the Murray River in South-Eastern Australia.

The region’s hot, dry summers and sandy soils provide the perfect environment for grapes to fully mature on the vine, producing a fruity and approachable wine. Our Red Blend features silky-smooth flavors of plums, mulberries and hints of oak. This soft, juicy wine pairs well with chicken and light meats.


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