Lola Mezcal

Lola Mezcal

A Mezcal inspired by a kiss

LOLA MEZCAL was created by friends who, in love with the tastes and romance of Mexico, made a true handcrafted spirit that is not meant to be sipped, but kissed.

“Mezcal is the only drink that’s not meant to be sipped, but kissed,” sings a popular Mexican saying.

Mezcal is a part of Mexico that the world doesn’t know much about. LOLA MEZCAL represents a provocative, hidden, sensual side of Mexico. It’s a drink made deep in the mountains of Oaxaca, in the town of Rio de Ejutla. Here, Maestro Mezcalero, Lucio Bautista, crafts Lola Mezcal entirely by hand using ancient pre-Hispanic techniques handed down to him by his father Adrian..

Lola Mezcal is a drink that ancient cultures taught us to kiss instead of sip; a drink that keeps us feeling young; a drink that reminds us to never stop falling in love.


How is LOLA MEZCAL made?


It takes seven years for the espadin agave to grow before it can be made into mezcal. Our agaves are grown in a remote farm in the mountains of Oaxaca, where the best ones are carefully chosen by the Maestro Mezcalero to make Lola Mezcal. The prickly leaves of the agave are cut off so that all that is left is the large central pinecone-like cores.

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Unlike other mezcals, the agave cores are cooked above ground to give Lola Mezcal a cleaner and smoother texture. The agave is places above a stack of stones from the nearby river and firewood from local encino and mesquite trees. The firewood heats the stones, which in turn “cook” the agave, which gives Lola Mezcal its smoky flavor.


The cooked agaves are then placed in a circular pit. A moiling device consisting of a massive stone wheel is strapped to an ox or donkey that walks around in circles, crushing the burnt agave cores. The crushed agave is then set in large wooden containers to being its fermenting process.


With the agave fermented into alcohol, it is then twice distilled in copper stills to create Lola Mezcal's 43% alc/vol smooth flavor.


Lola Mezcal is bottled and labeled on site in the Palenque with the hard work of the people of Rio the Ejutla. With nothing more than experience and good taste, the Maestro Mezcalero makes sure every step is timed out precisely to make Lola Mezcal the finest espadin mezcal.

*all drawings by Nick Garnham Wright