Ivy Mountain Distillery

Whiskey, Brandy and Sour Mash from Georgia USA, looking for distributors in USA

We spent 150 years perfecting “smooth” and “mellow.” “versatile” and “mixable” just naturally tagged along.

For over 150 years, the Lovell family has been perfecting Ivy Mountain distilled spirits. Today, you don’t have to be a neighbor to enjoy it. Discover its natural smoothness, made with pure mountain spring water and graced by the Lovell.

ivy distillery

ivy distillery

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Spring water so sweet and pure, it was once bottled and sold as simply water. What a waste.

Ivy Mountain Distillery draws its water from the original mountain spring the Lovell family has used for 150 years to make their legendary moonshine. The springhouse was built in the early 1800s and the water that bubbles up from deep in the North Georgia mountains has such a refreshing, satisfying taste, it was bottled and sold as Blue Ridge Mountain Spring Water for 25 years.


Today, it again serves as the secret ingredient for the smoothest, most flavorful distilled spirits you can find. If you visit Ivy Mountain Distillery, and have an honest face, you might even get to see our springhouse. However, be advised, the journey may take place late at night and involve a blindfold. Hint: you might want to bring a couple of ribeyes for the guard dogs.


Our Products

Ivy Mountain
Apple Brandy™

Combines the satisfying taste of a fine European liqueur with good old American mixability, lifting an ordinary martini to a whole new taste experience.

Ivy Mountain Georgia
Sour Mash Spirits™

Clear as our Georgia mountain spring, sweet as the local corn it’s made from. Enjoy neat, add a splash of water to release its nose, or use to enhance your favorite cocktail.

Ivy Mountain Georgia Sour Mash Whiskey™

Georgia corn spirits aged in American oak barrels, imparting rich color and a taste like fine bourbon. Perfect neat or as a step up from bourbon or scotch in mixed drinks.