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Easy Wines


Easy Wine Glass is looking for wine and beer distributors in USA and Importers in other countries.


RATIONALIZE YOUR BEVERAGE HANDLING with our pre-filled ready-to-drink wine glasses, made of recyclable plastic under the brand ”EasyWine Glass”!

Our pre-filled concept considerably simplifies the handling of wine. It also eliminates spoilage and increases the security when serving. The glasses are greatly suited to open-aired events and other occasions where glass or glass bottles are not suitable or to make the catering more effective.







Easy Wine Glass is now looking for importers and distributors around the world. The brand is all set for National Distribution in 2013. Based in Sweden, Easy Glass also has a office in USA giving distributors and major chains an option to distribute offer its consumers something different.

We are looking for wine distributors and beer distributors who are interested in Easy Wine. Please contact us here for more information on pricing and samples.