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DalZotto Australian Wines

Dal Zotto,
Wines from King Valley, Australia.
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Our Philosophy

Each Dal Zotto wine is the blend of three elements – family, tradition and innovation – with one overarching philosophy- your origins are just as important as your future.

The Dal Zotto philosophy begins with what is closest to our hearts – family. From rural life in Italy, to settling in the King Valley, to pioneering Italian grape varieties, the journey has been a shared one. Along the way, from the good times at the table to our appetite for discovery in the vineyard and winery, it is “La Famiglia” that has brought it all together.

We invite you to join us on this journey, pull up a chair at the family table, savour both the tradition and innovation in our wines and share our stories.

Vineyards King Valley

The cool, even climate of the King Valley encourages a wide range of grape varieties to flourish, with the long ripening season providing the time for flavours to develop.

Across our vineyards, the result for us is that it is the perfect place to grow and make not only the varieties that wine lovers are very familiar with (such as riesling, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and shiraz) but also indulge our passion for exploring innovation with Italian varieties.

Otto’s family history with vines in the Veneto region of Italy guaranteed that one day he would look to plant the varieties from the old country here.

Prosecco, arneis, pinot grigio, barbera and sangiovese have now found a new home here, with our acclaimed prosecco being the first Australian made version in the marketplace.

Pucino Prosecco

King Valley - NV

Pale straw, vivid green youthful hue; tantalizing hints of fresh cut pear, citrus blossom and a mere suggestion of spice jump out and present themselves on the bouquet; the palate is soft, appealing, approachable and basically a whole lot of fun, with gentle bubbles and alcohol combining seamlessly, and offering the maximum amount of freshness for a drink early, enjoy and not necessarily in moderation style of sparkling wine; a spot on example of Prosecco.

King Valley

Sangiovese Cabernet - 2012

Vivid purple, youthful hue; an absolutely text book combination of the two varieties that have proved their pedigree in Italy; the Sangiovese provides high notes of sour cherry and brambly character, while the Cabernet provides dark fruits in abundance; medium-bodied but seriously structured and generously fruited, offering a gorgeous core of sweet red fruits, rolled tobacco leaf and fine powdery tannins to conclude; salumi and roasted meats will wither before the precision of this wine.