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Wine & Gourmet Taipei - 2020




Wine & Gourmet Taipei is Taiwan’s largest wine event and every year, international wineries find new business partners and importers when participating.

Apart from getting in contact with the major distributors, their brands will be promoted through our various channels to facilitate a smooth entry to the market and raise awareness to their products among the consumer base.

Wine & Gourmet Taipei is the only professional exhibition in Taiwan that integrates the entire supply chain of the wine industry, covering both local and international wine agents, wineries, professional wine cellaret and high-quality accessories. WGT also includes a variety of gourmets, master classes and extensive programs.

Further information: Wine & Gourmet Taipei - 2020


Location & Dates

From: 24/07/2020
Up to: 26/07/2020
Hour: 10am-6pm
Location: Taipei world trade center hall


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