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Vin Fraiche


United States


Throughout a long dinner conversation in Bordeaux, over some of the greatest wines in the world shared with brilliant winemakers from around the world, a single term kept being used to describe the most distinct wines on the table. This term was said almost with reverence, with a brief pause before… “fraîche”, the French word for freshness. Fraîche was universally the quality we all agreed tied these great wines together. Years later, we still believe this quality to be our mantra in winemaking, a goal for a wine that guides so many winemaking decisions. Here, you will find a portfolio of wines that is woven together with this common attribute: freshness. Wineries Component Wine Company State of Mind Wines Gagnon-Kennedy Vineyards Locations Napa Valley, California Bordeaux, France Willamette Valley, Oregon Columbia Valley, Washington

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