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Stein Family Wines


United States


Stein Family Wines makes great wines: all of our brands--Arleyna, Just Joshin, Same Sex Meritage, Stein Family, JJ Vaquero--have won plenty of awards, received great scores, and been given good mention in the media, but that is not what makes us different from all of your other wine options. Stein Family Wines donates five percent of every sale we make, and those donations go directly to the children of vineyard workers in the form of college scholarships and support funding. Yes, others give a percentage of their profits, but we guarantee the kids see the money whether we're profitable or not. Why? Because we don't want to make a future for our kids on the backs of others'. It's really that simple. We want our kids to see that we can create a future for them, and that part of doing so must be rooted in the community; there is no longer-term sustainability without that. Our goal is to change the wine business one bottle, one glass, one customer at a time. Why? Because fair is fair.

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