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Exclusive Importer of Hug L"originale to the USA ,China and Australia. This Premium Italian sparkling wine cocktail/aperitif was created in 2005 by an Italian barista in Northern Italy. At one point from the original recipe the lemon was removed and replaced by the flowers of anindigenous plant that thrives all across the European Alps called Elderberry. Zadi-Drinks, the producers of Hug L'originale were able to fine-tune and tweak that formula and turned it into the absolute best ready to pour premium Italian sparkling wine cocktail/aperitif on the market today. 100% Natural 100 Calories per 6 oz serving 5.9% Alc/Vol. Showing record sales throughout Europe over 2 MILLION bottles sold, it remains the preferred aperitivo. Served in a traditional wine glass with 3-5 ice cubes and a few mint leaves. While satisfying different palates, this truly represents the ideal drink for a broad range of occasions. A unique alternative to the old Bellinis and Mimosas during Brunch. Perfect for Happy Hour and Parties. As a base for cocktails where expert mixologists can get very creative A distinctive heavier drink can be easily shaped by simply adding a splash of Vodka, Gin, Vermouth, Rum or Campari just to mention a few.

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Category: Distillery
Country: Spain

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