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Ciderboys Cider Company


United States


TAKE A BITE OUT OF SOMETHING REFRESHING Two very refreshing guys. One idea. Create unique hard ciders blending unexpected fresh fruit flavors with the crisp taste of apple. The ciderboys are basically ordinary guys. Some might consider them nerds. They constantly feed off each other’s ideas. They had no money coming in, no product to sell, but what they had was an idea using a truly unique blending proposition. The idea posed a mountain of challenges unseen. Curiosity constantly fueled their determination. Their refusal to accept ordinary common fruit set the standard by which their product would be judged. That led them to start paying attention to the ways apples grow in the orchard. What they unearthed here made them realize what was falling from this tree was ready to be turned loose. Starting with better fruit was logical. But the final flavor would come as a result of the way they blended it. To some, this would have been a stumbling block. But to these two guys, it was cause to study why no one else did it their way. They determined it was because there was an extra step in the blending process that required patience and guidance. While the two were pleased they discovered this, they truly wondered if it would make a difference. The answer came back loud and clear. All they heard from people when out sampling was the following; when can it be ready? And how soon could they get it? They became ardent believers in what they called, “fruitful pairings.” They were smart enough to understand the final verdict would rest on the taste buds of drinkers everywhere. Try a refreshing bottle of Ciderboys Hard Cider, and you’ll experience first hand what the buzz is all about.

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