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Dear Sir or Madam. Perhaps you have found us on Alibaba and you are inquiring about our wines and spirit products and/ or the properties we are selling from the wine country in France, the UK and Europe in general. We decided to move our company head office from Vero Beach Florida to Fort Pierce Florida which is just 5 miles away. To coincide with this move we changed our company name to Wine Export Experts because our previous name, Chateau-shop France, was confusing and misleading people concerning our status. Our name suggested we were just a shop and naturally clients requiring large & select products did not wish to deal with just a “Shop“ We are happy to confirm we are an established and respected company composed of five brokers/agents worldwide since 11 years + standing and representing over 20 major worldwide Chateaux/wineries. Before we made our move, we changed our names to “Wine Export Experts” the fact that a lot of our clients thought we were a shop with the name Chateau-shop France. It is evident if I am an importer that I am not going to import any kind of wine and spirits from a company that is a shop. We are not a shop we are brokers/agents (with signed contracts)for more than 20 different major wineries in the world. Because of this, we decided to change our name at the same time as we moved. This year 2016, we would have enjoyed the status of a 6 year Gold Supplier with Alibaba. Sadly, due to the inflexibility of Alibaba our new legally registered company name with the same proprietor as before does not merit any appreciation or recognition from them for our previous 5 year Gold standing. Our 5 year Gold Supplier status with Alibaba has been an expensive process but it appears not to hold any credibility with Alibaba. Therefore as a consequence of their intransigence we have severed our links with Alibaba, we find it difficult to accept that such a large corporation does not comprehend a simple and legitimate business practice whilst appearing to accept so many questionable practices from many “would be clients” We trust our explanation of the name change is understandable, acceptable and you will continue to be our valued and respected client. Should you have any questions concerning these details or any others, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to respond at our earliest opportunity We were offering then & are still offering now, the following: 1. Entry-level French wine, best prices in France. 2. Medium and high level French wine, best prices in France. 3. Entry-level Spanish wine, lowest prices ever. 4. Entry-level and medium level Italian Portuguese South American, Chilean and California wines, all with very reasonable prices. 5. Sparkling white wine with gold flakes called Gold Cuvee, very impressive product. 6. Non-branded spirits (OEM) from Spain's with the best prices in the world. 7. Branded spirits, all brands from the Netherlands with very competitive prices 8. In our Real Estate Dept., We have launched a new website offering Château winery hotels from France the UK and other attractive locations in Europe ~, where you will discover incredibly beautiful properties at unbelievable prices. Because we have been doing this for 11 years plus, we know that today in international import export there are a lot of scams from buyers and sellers. We would like to make this as transparent as possible to you, we will "NOT" make offers to or from a company that does not disclose all its official data, stationary, address, phone number, email or anything else needed to identify themselves as genuine and credible. If you are interested in any of our product families above, please indicate by return which ones, <<<< accompanied by your respective data concerning your company>>>>>> and we will reply with the details concerning your preferences in our products. If you have any question we are at your disposition practically 24/seven and we will reply within 24 hours minimum for sure. We thank you for taking the time to read this & we wish you a very good year and hope you will become a new addition to our happy clientele. Thank you, Kind regards, Wine Export Experts Michael Bernard Haubrich CEL- 916 340 4076 (USA) OFFICE : Fort Pierce, 34951, FL., USA E - W - (updating now) W - (We Shop Chateaux 4U) W - (6 yrs. Gold Supplier with 100 % satisfaction) L - Worldwide Distribution of Branded & Non Branded Wines & Spirits - internart22 - Always at your disposition

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