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Uçmakdere Domaine’s first brand is FIRUZE. Firuze is the Turkish spelling of the Persian girl name Firuzeh, which means “turquoise” (a blue-green stone used in jewelry). This line has 6 different wines using 9 different grapes. Grapes coming all over Turkey, groving in their favorite turkish terroir match, are chosen very carefully, working together with the grape growers. Once the harvesting time arrives, the grapes are brougth to the domaine quickly and the winemaking is done in our chai in Uçmakdere. For our 2013 FIRUZE wines that are on the market, we have 2 white and 4 red. Our winemaking purpose is mostly concerned about letting the fruit express itself. For the time being, we are not looking forward to aging with new oak, but to present easier and “enjoy right now” wines. Nice color, lovely nose, purity of the fruit and the acidity are the most important elements for us. WHITES: - FIRUZE Sauvignon Blanc & Narince, 2013 Here, an international grape grown in Tekirdağ and a Turkish grape Narince (meaning: “delicately”) from Tokat is blended to give you an aromatic, fresh and lovely white wine. We have more acidity and grapefruit, lime, melon aromas on the nose. - FIRUZE Chardonnay & Narince, 2013 This time, our Narince from Tokat is blended with a Chardonnay from Denizli. You’ll find a rounder structure, more volume, and stronger finish with apple, white peach and pineapple aromas. REDS: - FIRUZE Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 You have to try a Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Tekirdağ, Turkey. It has a nice dark color, good balance of richness, structure, tannins and acidity. We have aromas of violets, black cherry, black currant, pepper, bay leaf. - FIRUZE Öküzgözü & Boğazkere, 2013 Öküzgözü (meaning “bull’s eye”) and Boğazkere (meaning “throat burner), Turkish local grapes coming from Elazığ, are usually used for red blends, a classic assembly for Turkish grapes. This bottle will give you nice fresh fruits from South west of Turkey with grate acidity coming from high altitudes. We can find aromas of raspberry, sour cherry, pine, eucalyptus and clove. - FIRUZE Syrah & Öküzgözü, 2013 In this bottle are together, Syrah from our town Tekirdağ and Öküzgözü from Elazığ. Öküzgözü is used to balance the sweet spices and the structure of Syrah with lovely fresh berries. - FIRUZE Kalecik Karası & Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 Smell this one! Kalecik Karası (meaning “black from the small castle) is a local grape from Ankara, very aromatic – cotton candy, strawberry, cherry, raspberry. With Cabernet’s structure this blend creates an interesting wine.

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