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Crystal clear birch sap is harvested in Sweden’s cooler climate from untouched natural birch tree forests in the region of Jamtland. For centuries, birch sap has been used in the arctic regions as an important part of nutrition during spring and late winter months. Now we have harnessed the natural goodness to produce Sav™ an exclusive elixir that embodies not only pure simplicity but also Scandinavian Soul. We have been developing our Sav™ Sparkling birch wine using traditional methods, with one exception; we use Sap drawn from Birch trees in the spring as soon as the snow starts to thaw and the ice water nourishes the roots of the forest feeding the Birch trees. From there our local farmers deliver the pure birch sap to us and we begin our process of turning this mineral-rich sap into the finest Sav Sparkling drink. As we are based near the Arctic Circle and experience beautiful snowy winters, we have also developed a distilled Sav Snaps to in a 500ml and mini 50ml bottle as well as our ever popular winter golden mulled Sav Åre Glöd wine.

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