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Vinos y Bodegas AG




Vinos y Bodegas is a leading wine producer and exporter from Spain and looking for distribution opportunities in USA.

In 1997 it was founded by brothers Román and Santiago Cantarero, who knew how to integrate modern technology to the inherited wine tradition from previous generations. From the very beginning, the whole family is dedicated to creating best wines to the best price exclusively for export from La Mancha region. We have successful collaboration and well-established markets in China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Jamaica, Mexico and an annual sale of more than 15 ml. bottles. With Almost 25 years of won expertise in different markets, we are specialized in offering customized wines, adapted to consumer needs and preferences.

Vinos & Bodegas is completely dedicated to the internationalization. From our foundation, we market our wines in 60 countries worldwide. We customize our wines for each of our clients, offering the best competitive advantages and guaranteeing the highest quality. Behind Vinos & Bodegas’ wines, a qualified young international team is working, with wide experience and training, using team work as basis. It is also exciting for them to share their work with increasingly professional consumers, who know about wine and demand quality, excellence, and new sensations; in other words, who look for unique wines.

Our wines have achieved a high international prestige endorsed by numerous awards in international competitions achieved highly relevant and the most important trade fairs. The key to our success is due to the diversity of our wines, tailored to each market and always in line with the latest trends.

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