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José Benages began his entrepreneurial adventure at the beginning of the eighties, after working as head of production in important companies in the wine and cava business, creating the Alsinac brand. From that moment, the brand has built-up an important and loyal client base. Throughout this time, his eldest son, Oscar Benages, has also been involved in the activity, either working in the production from adolescence, collaborating in the automation and quality control thanks to his engineering studies and finally, taking on more and more responsibility in the running of the business in recent times.

We wish to offer traditional products which maintain the essence and originality of our land. To do that, our Cavas are normally marketed as Brut Nature, further minimizing any type of additive that is not strictly necessary to preserve the quality of the product (for certain marketed, that require less dry products, we can add a small amount of sugar to offer the same products as Brut) Additionally, our intent is that a large number of people can enjoy our products. The more customers we can serve, the greater our satisfaction will be. Thus, all of our products are offered with an excellent quality at reasonable prices. All our products are elaborated from grapes with a Penedés certificate of origin, except for the Grenache grape (used as part of our Cava Rosé), which comes from Terra Alta, on the south-east of Catalonia. On the other hand, we only use, as raw material for our elaboration, flower must, i.e. the result of the first pressing. Therefore, by using the best coupages and applying careful production processes, we can guarantee the resulting quality.

Since the dawn of the original settlers of Penedés region, the Iberians, our calcareous soils have produced native grape bunches, allowing our region to prosper through its trade. Alsinac Cavas respect the traditional method in a reliable way, beginning with the mixture of grapes: Macabeo (honeyed), Xarello (consistent) and Parellada (fresh). Subsequently, modern production processes allow us to offer competitive prices, while at the same time assuring the quality in a systematic way. Furthermore, the analyses carried out on our cavas demonstrate a low level of conservatives and other unwanted substances, in order to preserve the well-being of those who enjoy it. For that reason, except at the specific requests of our clients, we eliminate all added sugars in the disgorging process. Our excellent climate assures a balanced level of acidity. In short, we strongly encourage you to try our Cavas and that your experience validates our raison d’être, we are convinced that we can fulfill your expectations.

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