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We are a boutique wine company. We are completely subordinate to natural processing and quality. We use the tried and tested methods used by our ancestors. We want to offer you a wine that will leave a memory in your feelings. We produce stable wines that are decorated with freshness. Our area where the wine grows has historically been the highest quality wine region for the city of Vienna at the time. The mineral composition of the soil leaves a great mark on the structure of the wine. The area connects the continental and Mediterranean climate so that the wine must write its story of maturity every year. As it is often subject off stressfull weather conditions, this reflects in the quality of the wine. We are lucky to live here .. In this area we have winds that reach the speed of 150 km / h, snow and in the summer the temperatures over 40 C. All this conditions and patience of the wine maker, make you feel the divine fruity flavors in our wine.

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