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We are proudly inviting you to discover the secret of hidden treasure…New wines from Old Continent! Company Plantaze is in many ways unique. Even though the company is located in a small country of Montenegro, it has the largest single complex vineyard in the Southeast Europe and one of the biggest in the world (2300ha). And even more importantly, its vineyard has the highest level of hygiene and quality, according to constant confirmation of foreign and domestic experts. Plantaze is a market leader in the Balkans region, and its products are, due to high quality, exported to more than 30 countries of the world. Our export to China have started in 2004., and in Hong Kong in 2010. Until now we have 6 wine importers in mainland China and Hong Kong, and very successful cooperation. We haven’t exported to Thailand yet. Plantaze produce more than 17 million bottles of wine. The quality of our wine is guaranteed, and whole process of production, from grapevine to label, is in our own hands. More than 600 awards at fairs and exhibitions, both at home and abroad (London, Brussels, Geneva and Lisbon), are a proof of recognizable quality of the wine, brandy, grapes and vine grafts produced by the company. Numerous awards include: - „They made hallmark to the XX century“ received in Brussels, - Golden European award for quality and commercial prestige in Geneva and Rome. - Gold medals at the “Mond Selection” competition in Brussels, Rome, Madrid, Paris and Geneva (five times in a row). The company works under international standards ISO 9000 and 14000, and HACCP standards. It also introduces new products regularly and follows the world trends in production of both standard and barrique wines. One of the characteristics of the company is also the strategy based on autochthonous wines, Vranac (recently awarded in London wine exhibition 2005 and Mundusvini - Germany 2006) and Krstac in its own terroir. These wines have been the brand of Montenegro and its long viticulture tradition for years. Please, visit our site and share your opinion with us!

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