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SA Vinuri de Comrat


Moldova, Republic of


"Vinuri de Comrat» is the oldest winery of southern Moldova (Eastern Europe). For over 100 the winemakers of Comrat are preserving and transmitting from generation to generation the classical traditions of making fresh and naturally elegant wines based on the unique winemaking technology characteristic for the south of Moldova. Depending on maturity, there may be ordinary, vintage and collection wines. Ordinary table wines are manufactured without lengthy ageing but not earlier than after three months from the processing of grapes. Ordinary wines are natural wines with good taste qualities. However, they can not be compared to vintage or collection wines, since they do not have their special properties. Vintage wines are aged for at least 18 months and manufactured based on a special technology for each brand. The collection wines are vintage ones with an unrepeatable bouquet and taste that after ageing in casks are aged in bottles for at least three years. Among the gourmands the most popular are the collection wines aged 10 to 15 years. The maturity of red collection wines is determined by specialists based on the “shirt” (sediment appearing on the bottom of bottle during the years of ageing) showing that the wine has been stored for a long time and has a high quality.

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