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Beginning in 2006, Aurora Winery has been driven by a passion for winemaking. The Gearas started producing small batches of wine growing and testing different grape varietals in the Northern village of Aoura. The family always grew vines for the local Arak production, that was only produced for the family members and a few customers. It was only until the early 2000s that they started this wine journey. Today the Aurora vineyards are nestled in the mediterranean mountains, surrounded by a wilderness of oak and olive trees, and built on terraces to retain all rain water and provide good water drainage.

We believe in creating great wine combinations that grow best in our estate. We produce wines that embody and express the terroir and microclimate of every vineyard we plant. Using modern and ecofriendly techniques, our vines are carefully handpicked and express every characteristic of the grape variety.

Aurora wines proudly embody the complex and unique characteristic of our batroun mountain terroir. Our diverse soils are a mix of clay and limestone, laying on a limestone rock. Our grapes roots infiltrate the rock retaining all the water and nutriments. This is expressed in the minerality you can find in our wines. Aurora vineyards have incredible number of 300 days of sun. The growing season experiences a daily temperature that varies between 25 to 30 degrees. This provides our vines with ideal temperature conditions to mature.

Since its establishment, the winery has been driven by a passion and dedication to the nature of winemaking. The family, with the support of the village members produced refined boutique wines that are known for their elegance and complex structure. Aurora Vin de Montagne feels bright, fresh, and velvety, and expresses the microclimate and terroir of its origin. Today Aurora produces rare wines with a production of 10,000 bottles a year. The winery has been designed to receive the harvest and equipped to undergo all the winemaking steps in complete respect of the hygiene rules that are essential for producing great wines. The white wines are stored in inox tanks and bottled after malolactic fermentation. The aim is to produce fresh and elegant white wines expressing the mineral essence and fruity aromas that are specific elements of the terroir. The red wines are aged 9 month in american and french oak barrels. This adds elegance and roundness to our rich flavored red wines, bringing a more robust and complex structure. Our red wines have a long ageing potential..

All our grapes are harvested by hand and at the optimal maturity: the perfect balance of ripeness between sugar levels, acidity and phenelic maturity. This needs daily maturity control, through sampling of grape juice, laboratory analysis and tasting.

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