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In the heart of Friuli, steeped in history as it is, we grow our native grapes with passion and care. The vineyards are situated in the best countryside areas of Aquileia and Sdricca di Manzano, a village by the Natisone River. It is through our wine that we want to bring to you a taste of our history and ancient Roman legacy, a civilisation which here founded one of its important trade-centres and crossroads of different cultures. Ca'Tullio winery was established at the end of the nineteenth century and was to experience an astounding development in farming and winemaking in 1928, with the Tullio Family. "The imposing four level farm building became increasingly important for the stocking of fruit, vegetables and Kober selection grape rootstocks, as well as for grains and the drying of tobacco". Around 1980 the estate was taken over by new owners and new energy was put into the business. Indeed, between 1994 and 1999 the establishment underwent extensive renovation while maintaining the original charm and character. "Today the new establishment and estate is entirely devoted to winegrowing" The architectural renovation was carried out with a wise use of traditional local building materials, such as wood and bricks, blended with modern exposed structures of urnished stainless steel. It is an example of how the precious history of a particular place can be passed on to the next generation becoming a rare piece of industrial archaeology in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The winery is mentioned in the official guide of interesting sites published by the regional tourist board Turismo FVG, as one of the most beautiful must-visit places in the region. "Our vineyards cover several terroirs within the DOC Friuli Aquileia and DOC Friuli Colli Orientali areas. Different terroirs indeed, that share a unique culture, which is all about tradition and strong attachment to the land" This region in the north-east of Italy, squeezed between the Upper Adriatic and the Carnic and Julian Alps, presents an incredible variety of soils. Indeed, in the same plot of land you can have patches of yellow marls with alternate streaks of pebbles and dark clay with sand. The DOC Friuli Aquileia area is affected by a favourable microclimate and geographical position: the Julian Alps in the background defend the vines from the cold winds that blow from the North, while the Adriatic Sea bordering on side or the area mitigates the temperatures, which drop below zero for very brief periods of the year. The area of the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali includes the range of hill in the Province of Udine. The wines produced in this area are the result of a unique combination of soil, climate and grape variety. These very favourable pedoclimatic conditions have allowed these native varieties to flourish The native varieties as well as those imported to the area that found the most suitable pedoclimatic conditions in the Colli Orientali area, have been cultivated since unmemorable times, yielding wines of excellence in terms of quality.

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