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Cantina San Diego




San Diego winery towers over a promontory (at 1148 ft) near Tolentino in Marche region, middle-east of Italy. The holding hail from 1370, when Franciscans “Clareni” built a monastery to St.Diego, between fertile fields and a stunning landscape. From 1917 the family is owner of the estate and in 2009 San Diego winery was founded. The estate consist of 11 hectares planted to vineyards (sangiovese, merlot, cabernet, petit verdot and ribona grapes) on clay soil, rich in potassium and sea fossils. We follow internally in the organic winery all the productive cycle based on respect, strictness and quality: from the vineyard to the bottle. We integrate an high quality organic wine production with the most advanced science for the production on premium wines. Definitely this is our mission! San Diego winery represent a culture in wine making handed down from 1917,looking definitely to the future.

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