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COMPANY SIQUELIA is a Sicilian company owned by Marzia Lo Vecchio, a dynamic entrepreneur with a bold and determined personality, founded on the passion for her land that has ancient wine-making traditions mixed with a sophisticated and refined creative taste. The company has created a contemporary selection of “DOC Sicilia” wines with a superior quality, produced with refined local varieties cultivated in the Belice Valley, in an area between the provinces of Agrigento, Trapani and Palermo, and vinified the winery located in Gibellina, expressing the territory in its wide fusion between agriculture and art, and telling us the story of Sicilian ancient and modern wines.

SIQUELIA wines are produced in the Valle del Belice, currently one of the best known areas of Sicily in the production of quality wines where, always, the vine and the wine have constituted a constant presence. The soils, mostly hilly, are characterized by gentle slopes with medium-textured soils tending to clayey where the white berry vines are placed, the more clayey soils and tending to limestone host, instead, the red berry vines, a altitude ranging from 300 to 500 m asl, with favorable exposures to the south, south east and south west. This area enjoys ideal microclimatic conditions with intense light, sea breezes and mild temperatures, perfect for viticulture, with the right temperature range between day and night temperatures,

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