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Massucco winery in Piedmont has produced wine for more than three generations, now with the fourth generation. The production is made with love and passion for wine, and is transferred by our founders to the new generations, as well as the expertise that is passed from father to the children within the family. The winery has continued to grow along with the Massucco family. Massucco winery is dedicated to accommodate the changing demands for wine by expanding our market shares worldwide. Azienda Agricola Massucco does not purchase grapes from vineyards around the region. Our winery has more than 40 ha. of vineyards. At the time of harvest, the grapes are picked by hand and placed in small wooden boxes to prevent damage to the grapes. They are protected from oxidation, and the grapes are transported directly to the cellar with the highest quality of care in a sophisticated manner. Then the grapes are selected accurately and with precision for the wine production. In the case of purchasing grapes, these will be selected and transported to the winery in wooden boxes for treatment with the same quality and comprehensive care as if they had been grown on Massucco land. Our mission is to produce high quality wines with excellent taste and a high pleasurability factor from the leading wine district of Piedmont. The company is committed to providing a good, stable standard of lifestyle and living to the owner, employees and cooperators. The wine production is the heart of our family business. It began in 1900, and has been growing every year since. It has been known for it’s high quality since the start, and now, Massucco wines have been selected as one of the best wines available today in Italy considering price and quality (value for money). The profile of the wines is smooth soft tannins with a unique taste of fruits originating from the Massucco vineyards. Massucco has integrated new ideas to go beyond the traditional ways of producing wines. Advanced and enhanced technology is used to create wine like it was done traditional, historic times. The wines are typically unique from the Piedmont region from the classic Barolo to the soft rounded Barbaresco and the Barbera wines. There is also a new flavour of wine from Piedmont, that has been developed over the years in the winery where history comes back in a modern way, a wine for the future and designed for the modern market and the world to be enjoyed in various ways. 1. A selection of white and red wines, with unique characters reflecting the home territory, and complements modern and traditional cuisine of many different regions and countries. 2. Select types of sparkling wine of excellent flavour, complexity and optimal perlage to compete with the most discriminating taste. 3. A special Cru line of red wines produced from grapes that have been selected through two separate processes. The first is in the field and the second in the cellar. This is to provide the highest quality and character, fragrance with aromas, balanced flavor, where the soil and the environment is reflected in the wine. 4. Our partners can take advantage of the company\'s referrls for suppliers of: glasses, corkscrew, aprons and other items that assist in the sale of our wine. 5. Our wine production includes two worldwide owner brands: Massucco and Cascina Serra. Massucco always conducts business with the consumer in mind in order to offer the best value with the best quality. Massucco’s objective is to achieve satisfied and repeat loyal customers. Our philosophy is based on our time-honored commitment of integrating market needs with customer wishes and demands by using our decades of expertise and experience. Our production methods allow us to have high quality and market advantage Massucco has been putting great emphasis in the price handling to the distributor. Thereby, providing the flexibility needed for passing on a fair cost to the consumer. We want the distributors and representatives to have the opportunity to be part of the pricing strategy. Our clients will realize profit from sales without the possibility of being adversely affected by external market forces. 1. To establish Azienda Massucco wines with the domestic and international consumer as wines associated with the warmth of family, and the Massucco wine culture of the Piedmont region and Italy. 2. To position Massucco as the winery of unique expertise through family history of consistent wine excellence. 3. To include an expansion of Massucco’s family culture with corporate culture to work effectively as partners with our clients. 4. To become the worldwide wine house recognized for the best value with the highest quality Azienda Massucco is reknown for its well-balanced, elegantly flavorful, and traditional Piedmont wines. It has taken years of planning and development to perfect new methods and technology to produce our new harmonious flavors, and at the same time, we have preserved the authentic character of the Piedmont wine. We are now expanding our wine distribution and market to position Massucco in the forefront of unique new flavors. Our new wines combine the best of old and new flavors and appeal to our new generation of wine consumers as well as our traditional consumers.

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