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Marzodd is a young and dynamic reality committed to the selection and promotion of the excellence of the territory.

Experience, passion and innovation for the taste of excellence made in Apulia. Marzodd products are born on the Apulian hills, lulled by the Mediterranean breeze and caressed by the sun under a clear blue sky. They skin their roots in a fertile, rich and generous land where centuries-old vines and olive groves stand out, cared for with passion and mastery for generations. Dry stone walls, now UNESCO heritage, frame this wonderful landscape that lives in a universe in which time seems eternal. Marzodd is born to give new life to two excellences of the territory and combines the culture of oil and that of wine to bring on the table two essential elements of the meal. If the wine is entrusted with the task of accompanying the dishes without covering their tones, the extra virgin olive oil binds and enhances each flavor, from the most delicate to the most decisive. Innovative cultivation methods and a process subjected to rigorous controls carried out by highly specialized figures, allow a natural exaltation of goodness, aromas and flavors. High quality raw materials, strictly made in Italy, are transformed into small works of art thanks to the sinuous lines of a luxurious and refined packaging that amplifies its preciousness.

Marzodd’s mission is the diffusion and export of two icons of Italian well-being and lifestyle: extra virgin olive oil and wine. We select the best grapes and olives every year, we produce wines and oils with the most modern techniques, we pack them in fine design bottles and we bring them all over the world, up to your table. This is our way of choosing excellence.

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