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La Vigilia was born from enthusiasm of 40 years of experience in wine production. For many years passing through 3 generations, we dedicate our time to develope and improve the techniques of winemaking.

The company took the name from a particular vineyard placed in the hills among Verona which was used to be called “Vigneto della Vigilia” in Valpolicella area. Tradition meets innovation. With the time, the production process is been built to follows a simple and harmonious way: In the countryside the vineyards are conceived for a low production per plant to benefit a higher quality. Afterwards the harvest instead, inside the winery traditional methods of vinification are living together with the most advanced technologies to extract from the grapes the best qualities. The Veneto Area The particular suitability of the land, the microclimate, the ancient viticulture of the area, care, diligence and continuous improvement of production techniques determine the high quality of La Vigilia wines. Quality at its best Focusing on quality for our company is very important. The possibility to follow the entire production from the vineyard to the final bottle is became essential. The constant and never stopped hustle for quality improvement using the most modern technologies combined with the consulence of a worldwide known enologist makes unique every single La Vigilia bottle.

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