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Cantine Buoso




The People: The Buoso family cultivates vineyards on 16.6 hectares of the winery's total 86-hectare area. A company modernisation in which the younger members of the family assumed responsibility has led to a change, not just in approach but also from a production perspective. After a few years of experimentation, production has been directed towards a quality product. The Terroir, together with the Buoso family's passion and care, gives the wines a distinctive and unique character. The wine cellar: It was built in the early 1970s, and forms an integral part of what could be described as a typical Veneto country farmhouse; the structure has been adapted to ever-growing needs over the years, becoming larger and more modern. The grapes that are used come exclusively from the company's own vines and all the production processes, from the harvest until when the wine is deposited in the cellar, take place within the winery itself. Its present capacity is more than 4,000 quintals, with glass-cement barrels arranged on two levels. The atmosphere is cool and humid, thanks to the terrain on which it is located, providing ideal environmental conditions for keeping wine. The land: The family winery has been cultivating rich reclaimed land in an area well-suited to wine growing, which has a medium-textured clay soil with shell fragments, for almost a century. A series of drainage channels surround part of the vineyards, providing natural irrigation all the year round. The vine rows are positioned so as to ensure perfect exposure to sunlight and excellent ventilation, enjoying a sea breeze that gives a characteristic touch of flavour to our products. The Sylvoz planting system is used, with a density that varies between 1,660 and 2,560 plants per hectare and support structures consisting of cement poles with stainless steel wires. An almost fanatical care for the wine cellar and its contents ensures a product of the very highest quality.

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