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Az. Agr. Josetta Saffirio




Josetta Saffirio’s is an ancient story, as sweet as the hills on which it was born. A story that began in the late nineteenth century, when the first Saffirio moved to Castelletto di Monforte and here begins to grow his vineyards. In 1977 a young Josetta decides to take care of the vineyards of his father Ernesto, deeply attached to these hills for deciding to buy the inheritage of the brothers in order to keep the farm. Josetta has a degree in agriculture and together with her husband Roberto, winemaker, cultivates the vineyards planted by his grandparents after the Second World War. After a few years, Roberto and Josetta see their efforts rewarded, producing a Nebbiolo of high quality. In 1985 the first Barolo was presented with the current label, the result of a passion and a commitment never failed. After a break in the 90\'s, Sarah, daughter of Josetta and Roberto decided to devote herself to the family vineyards. In 1999 Saffirio’s Barolo was back, as a wine that tradition has made unique. We would like to describe the feeling we have in April, seeing a vine sprout and come back to life after the winter. We would like to tell you about the intense and delicate bouquet of Nebbiolo bloom in May. We would like to be able to express the joy in harvest in September the grapes after one year of work. But it is impossible to do it with words. We hope to tell through our wine.

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Category: Winery
Country: Lebanon

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