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Our goal: to impress you. We want to impress you with design and good taste in a way that only Italians can do. We want you to discover our colourful bottles and let you feel the passion that we have for Italian design. We want you to experience our wines, surprise you with new unexpected flavours and give you a taste of the best that Italy has to offer. il miogusto is not a traditional winemaker, and we believe that our wines are for those who dare to stand out – those who are confident, even a bit brutal. Don’t we all want to be like them? This is why il miogusto is different, with its striking colours and Italian design. il miogusto’s sparkling wines are unique; they look different and feel different, but they always will be of exceptional quality. That will always be our goal. Wine Cocktails: Limonsecco (sparkling spumante with lemon) Melonsecco (sparkling spumante with melon) Hugo (sparkling spumante with elderflower and mint) Amarenissima (sparkling spumante with cherry) Spumantes and Prosecco's Millisimato nero Millisimato bianco Prosecco DOC Frizzantes Rosato Bianco il miogusto®, for the colourful.

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