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“Alazani” is located at the very special place of Georgian winemaking history - village Kardenakhi. As told, every house/ door had a vine and that’s where the name comes from - “Kari” (door) and “Venakhi” (vine) - “Kardenakhi”.

This factory was named as the largest wine factory around the Caucasus region in 1970. The company was revived in 2016 - human resources were retrained, new inventories were equipped and new technologies implemented and all these give the possibility to produce wine both in traditional Georgian and modern European technologies. “Alazani" treats Georgian wine history with a huge responsibility and produce “traditional wine traditionally” - the wine in qvevri is produced by the same methodology described by Baron de Baye.

During all these 8000 years Georgian wine went through a lot of changes - changes were both in planting the vineyard and fermenting the grapes. That’s why “Alazani” tries to introduce innovations in Georgian winemaking and with the perfect combination of new technologies and traditional approach strives to develop Georgian wine culture. There is a wide variety of wines produced in “Alazani” factory. During rtveli times, you can see grape species like saperavi, rkatsiteli, tsitska, tsolikouri, tsarapi, tavkveri, krakhuna, chinuri, kakhuri mtsvane etc. premium class and some qvevri wines are made with the grapes from Tsarapi zone.

“Alazani” exports its wines into 3 continents (Europe, Asia, North America) and offers foreigners to taste 34 types of Georgian wine and get introduced to Georgian culture.

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