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Richard Bavion




Old traditions, hand-harvesting, aging 25 meters beneath the surface, sustainable winegrowing and extensive estates. The lush green, 60 years old Grand Cru vineyards of Montagne the Reims, and the indescribable natural atmosphere are the basis on which Richard Bavion Champagne is made - in the heart of the Champagne region, the birthplace of the world's most exclusive drink. Richard Bavion created a Champagne according to his vision - "Old Traditions & High-End Champagne In A Modern Age" and exactly this is what it become today, an absolutely exclusive & luxury Champagne.

The basis for the alluring Richard Bavion Champagne taste are carefully selected high quality grapes from the 60 years old Grand Cru vineyard of Montagne de Reims in Verzy. The unique luxury design of each bottle symbolizes the preciousness of its content. Each bottle is a memorable experience for individualists and wine connoisseurs. To create a bottle of Richard Bavion Champagne, old exclusive stored wines from the best wine years are used which are then put together and stored again for 3 years in Richard Bavion's 19th Century deep chalk cellars 25 meters under the surface at a constant temperature of 9 - 10 °C. This allows the Champagne to gradually improve in the best possible conditions.

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