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One August morning, on the French Riviera, we come back from the party, just as the pine forest is waking up...

The sun dresses the sky with sumptuous shades of pink, which plunges in a sparkling rain into the turquoise sea. All our senses are awakened and our hearts are still beating to the rhythm of this unforgettable Tropezian night. With a bottle of champagne in hand, we are happy. How can we make this feeling last forever? How can we go on, to illuminate our minds with happiness and carefree, back home?

In the tone of the joke, the answer fuses: "We should put all these colours in the bottle!". Several years later, the Adélaïde de Castillac brand was born, which engendered the HOXXOH cuvée. For this, we developed and patented the Bubble-Light, tasted more than one hundred champagnes and selected the winemaker who created our Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru.

It is with great pleasure, that we share with you, a champagne that makes your taste buds smile, makes you travel back to the time of the last Tsar and above all, irresistibly makes you want to party, like children that we are.

We are looking for importers who match our brand profile. We address an upscale and international clientele. You will find much more information on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us for our price list.



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