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Domaine de Brondeau Lalande




Located on the municipality of Pompignac, the Domain of Brondeau Lalande takes advantage of the passionate work of several generations. On this family plantation and its seven hectares of vineyards, soils are very diverse, from deep sands to argilo-limestone soils on a basement of ferruginous grime. Vineyards are planted for the greater part on a hillside particularly well exposed to the sun which favors quality ripening. This grape variety, the average age of which is forty years, is traditional of the Bordelais (Merlot 70 %, Cabernet Franc 20 %, Cabernet Sauvignon 5 %, Malbec 5 %). The works of the vineyard have only a single purpose, the quality of the fruit: pruning, thinning-out of leaves, control of the yield assured by the épamprage and the grape harvests in green. In the end, the grape harvests are semi-manual or even manual for certain plots of land. The wine is made in concrete tanks, with control of the temperature. The production is sold partly to the trade and partly bottled in the domain. Wines sold at the domain divide up between Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux supérieur. Both groups benefit from a very well-kept and very well- balanced blending. The Bordeaux supérieur is aged in French oak barrels over the course of a year. These wines possess a concentrated, dense, and deep dress with purple or ruby reflections depending on their age. They are robust and elaborate on the fruit flavor, with a dominance of red berries. They have volume and personality. The barrel adds to the tannic structure, a discreet wooded aroma, more length and volume, and a plenitude, which reveals the aromas with delicacy and elegance. Perfect for immediate tasting, wines of the Domaine de Brondeau Lalande also show themselves as very good wines of guard.

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