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Garance Wine Cellars




After years of buying and selling high quality wines from the Southern Part of France and the US, Garance Wine Cellars was established. We have tightened strong partnerships with several wine growers and producers throughout the Southern Part of France and in the US to make it possible for us to have our own line of wines with focus on finding quality grapes, juice (unfinished wine) and wine. We control the production / quality of the wine, the blending, the dry goods - bottles, corks, necks and labels - and we have our own warehouse facility in Seté – just near Montpellier to secure a smooth distribution throughout the world. Because we work with several wine growers and producers, we do not have the limitation on our wines as small producers normally have. We can ensure high quality wine from one pallet of wine to 100.000 plus bottles. No plonk - just good stuff - since 2008.

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